Central Dunedin road reopens after tanker rolls

A central Dunedin road has reopened after a tanker rolled, spewing the contents of the truck across the road this morning.

The crash outside the King Edward Court building in central Dunedin. Photo: Trevor Cokley

Emergency services were called to upper Stuart Street at about 11.15am this morning.

The truck which is subcontracted to the council‘s road maintenance contractor crashed outside the King Edward Court building, causing oil, mud and water from the tanker to spill across the road.

The driver was not trapped following the crash and was treated for minor injuries.

The Dunedin City Council will carry out a health and safety investigation.

A police spokesperson said the commercial vehicle safety team was investigating the crash and it was too early to comment on its cause.

Mud, oil and water covered the road after the crash on upper Stuart Street. Photo: Ian Telfer