IPL has helped cricketers of the world, says Sachin Tendulkar

The last couple of months in cricket have been quite controversial, with the sport being in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. From the ball tampering incident that shook the foundation of the Australian cricket team to the shifting of venues in the Indian Premier League (IPL) due to political reasons, the image of the game has taken a heavy beating. So when it comes to discussions regarding the current situation, there is hardly anyone better than ‘master blaster’ Sachin Tendulkar, who was in conversation with senior journalist Ayaz Memon at the HT Mint Asia Summit in Singapore on Friday. Get highlights of the discussion here.

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10:35 hrs IST: Sachin Tendulkar said that once he was questioned by a journalist why he told never anyone about his weaknesses like golf players do to which the legend replied that if he did, then the opposition would know to how get him out

10:30 hrs IST: On IPL Sachin says: IPL as hard and competitive as international cricket. It has not only helped Indian cricketers, it has helped all cricketers around the world. So when they come to India, they are not touring for the first time. IPL has given Indian and international cricket a lot 

10:25 hrs IST: Ayaz Memon asks Sachin, “How come you never lost your cool?” Sachin laughs and says it is important to not let the opposition know what we are thinking

10:20 hrs IST: Umpires have a bigger role to play, says Sachin. He adds that most umpires are former cricketers and they know the pressures of the game. Umpires should be able to control to the game

10:15 hrs IST: Sachin says he followed McEnroe vs Borg matches.

10:10 hrs IST: It is good to have pressure, helped me to bring out the best out of me, says Sachin. The legend is talking about aggression in cricket. There are two types of aggression – one is by not saying anything but eye conveys strong message. And second is say whatever you want where you cross the line and later you realise that you didn’t want this

10:06 hrs IST: The batting legend is currently speaking on a variety of topics

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The event is slated to start at 12:20 local time (9:50 IST) and it will finish at 13:00 local time (10:30 IST). The cricketer will be talking about various topics like ball tampering, the huge inflow of money in the IPL and also the current situation of cricket on the global stage.