NFL Draft food court picks Tim Love, Walt Garrison, Torchy‘s queso and more

We‘re not going to say that the AT&T Stadium food court will have something for everyone, but a range that spreads from rabbit-rattlesnake sausage on a stick to a few vegan items is pretty broad.

The rabbit-rattlesnake sausage is a trademark item at many Tim Love restaurants (loosely speaking, although maybe he should trademark it), and Love‘s is one of the restaurants … well, drafted for the draft.

You usually don‘t get the sausage on a stick, though, as you will in this stadium-friendly version, which also features the “Touchdown” double cheeseburger (with pickles and mayo), and the vegetarian “Field Goal” nachos (with queso, pico de gallo, jalapeños, sour cream). There isn‘t anything called an “Extra Point,” a “Two-Point Conversion” or a “Safety,” but there is the sausage, and Love does score an extra point with us for having Texas red elk Frito pie.

Also scoring is , which will offer its green-chile queso and chips, which often upstages Torchy‘s tacos. But the ever-spreading Austin-based chain will also offer beef fajita tacos, green-chile pork tacos and its popular “Trailer Park” tacos (fried chicken, green chiles, lettuce, pico de gallo and cheese with poblano sauce on a flour tortilla).


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Legends Hospitality, which provides the , will also play the taco game with tacos al pastor, as well as providing its own “Touchdown” sandwich (in this case a barbecue one), as well as brisket sandwich, a fried green tomato BLT with sweet-corn beignets, “Texas-sized” chicken and waffles (it isn‘t as big as Texas but it is pretty huge, with two doughy Texas-shaped waffles as the “bread,” with chicken, crispy onion rings, pepper jack cheese, bacon and pecan-maple mayonnaise), Cheetos mac-n-cheese balls (because it wouldn‘t be stadium food without Cheetos), the “Heaven & Hell” burger (an Angus beef patty topped with fried mac and cheese with a crushed-Fritos crust, dipped in Buffalo sauce and accompanied by a Roma tomato, romaine and garlic aioli) the “Super 16” and the “Cowboys Cheesesteak.”

Speaking of Cowboys, former Dallas Cowboys star Walt Garrison will represent with four items from a brisket sandwich, a pulled-pork sandwich, brisket nachos and a loaded baked potato. Sandwiches comes with a choice of potato salad, coleslaw or baked beans.

If meat and/or dairy aren‘t for you, Dallas-based will have vegan and vegetarian items including the Naked Dog, the Dressed Dog, the Vin Diezel Chili Dog and organic vegan cupcakes. All hot dogs are made with a soy “not dog”; the Vin Diezel (spelled a little differently from the actor‘s name) also comes with vegan chili, raw dairy shredded cheddar, organic banana peppers, sauerkraut and relish, served on a brioche or vegan bun.

, the Plano Legacy Hall fried-chicken spot from former “Top Chef” contestant Tiffany Derry, will serve duck-fat chicken wings and duck-fat fries. Dallas‘ buzzy Crushcraft Thai Eats will have some of its Thai street food, including kra pao (wok-seared ground pork, jasmine rice, basil, bell peppers, onions and mortar-smashed chile topped with a fried egg) and veggie spring-roll bites.

Also in the food court will be: Dallas-based Mexican-food joint El Tacaso; Dallas‘ Ascension Coffee (which will have a selection of panini as well as coffee); Dallas‘ ; mobile Caribbean-food concession ; food truck (as in fast and furious Asian-inspired bowls); Dallas-based ; Ms. Daisy‘s Cajun Kitchen; Forest Hill‘s (your go-to for turkey legs during the draft); and (with more tacos).

The draft festival takes place April 26-28 at AT&T Stadium. For more information, visit .


Tony Sinese, executive chef at AT&T Stadium, talks to reporters about some of the food items available this season at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas (Star-Telegram video by Robert Philpot) Robert Philpotrphilpot-telegram