New initiative tackles recycling on farms

An initiative to get more farmers and growers recycling is being trialled in Canterbury and Waikato.

New farm recycling not-for-profit organisation AgRecovery in full swing. Photo: AgRecovery

The not-for-profit group AgRecovery, in conjunction with government and industry stakeholders, is hosting events in both regions next month where farmers have the opportunity to dispose of unwanted farm waste and learn about rural recycling schemes.

AgRecovery general manager Andew Simon said he wanted farmers and growers to avoid harmful disposal practises such as burning, burial and bulk storage.

“The project itself identified that most farms out there, on average, produce over 10 tonnes of inorganic waste per year…which is quite a substantial figure,” Mr Simon said.

“The ability to be able to deal with that inorganic waste, in terms of the ability to be able to collect it, process it and recycle it…is clearly an important goal for the primary industries in New Zealand.”

AgRecovery is a new not-for-profit farm recycling initiative. Photo: AgRecovery

Farmers can dispose of agrochemicals, motor oil and their receptacles, silage and bale wrap at the evens.

If the trial was successful events could be rolled out nation-wide, Mr Simon said

“The events provide an opportunity to trial a collection system for rural waste.”

Events will be held at Matamata on 25 May and Geraldine on 31 May