Stop the world and melt with you: 5 ways to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day

Thursday is National Grilled Cheese Day, and sure, you could celebrate by buttering up a couple of slices of bread, sticking a slice of American cheese between them and grilling them in a skillet till the bread browns and the cheese melts. There‘s always something to be said for the classics, and this is the kind of thing we grew up on.

Or you could try a restaurant spin on grilled cheese. Several offer a “Grown Up Grilled Cheese” with things like jalapeño-cheddar cheese and/or gruyere or tallegio, but these are some of the more adventurous takes on a standard.

The Bearded Lady

Two — or more, depending on how you look at it — grilled cheese options are at the Magnolia Avenue hangout: the Fancy Grilled Cheese (Gouda, cheddar and goat cheese on thick-sliced sourdough for $9; add pulled pork, bacon, avocado or — not enough cheese for you? — bacon mac & cheese for $1.50 each). But if you really want to take a leap, go with the grilled cheese of the month for April: the Dilly Philly, consisting of sliced teres major steak with sauteed onions and peppers, dill havarti and provolone between thick-sliced sourdough. Yes, cue the arguments over whether something with meat is really a grilled cheese. We‘ll have a Dilly Philly while you‘re debating. 1229 Seventh Ave., Fort Worth, on Facebook


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Chop House Burgers

Can‘t decide on a grilled cheese or a burger: Have the “cheeseburger” at this Pantego burger joint: a hamburger sandwiched between two grilled-cheese sandwiches. 2230 W. Park Row Drive A, Pantego.

Spiral Diner

It‘s an all-vegan restaurant, and vegans don‘t eat dairy, which kinda shuts out traditional cheese — until you try the Double Melt, part of a special that proved so popular in March that it was held over through April. The Double Melt is a “Beyond Meat” plant-based patty between two grilled “cheese” sandwiches, and those sandwiches were pretty convincing to a cheese-loving non-vegan. You‘re not likely to walk away hungry, but if you think you will, try the “Triple Double,” which comes with three grilled-cheese sandwiches. 1314 W. Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth; 608 E. Hickory St., Denton; 1101 N. Beckley Ave., Dallas;


Mark Bittman, of the New York Times, shows how to make a real grilled cheese – complete with the grill marks. The New York TimesLena Blietz

Lucy‘s Lot

The Funky Grapevine burger joint also has something called the GVTX (as in Grapevine, Texas, get it?) Grilled Cheese: cheddar, Gouda, jalapeños, caramelized onions and, oh, yeah, brisket. Does that make it more of a brisket melt than a grilled cheese? We‘d answer, but our mouths are full. 451 E. Northwest Highway, Grapevine,


The bowling alley/entertainment center/restaurant (not to be confused with the ) is going all the way for National Grilled Cheese Month with such offbeat takes as a chipotle bean and bacon soup — with crispy grilled-cheese croutons; spicy taco grilled-cheese sliders (talk about an identity crisis); and a BBQ pulled-chicken grilled-cheese sandwich with ancho-pepper slaw and gherkin pickle relish. 2750 W. I-635, Irving; locations also in Allen and Plano;