Fiji’s NDMO to assess damage from Cyclone Keni

Fiji‘s National Disaster Management Office hopes to send out a plane to conduct an assessment of damage to Kadavu and Ono-i-lau islands following the Cyclone Keni.

A house in Kadavu after Cyclone Keni Photo: Twitter/

Keni has now moved out of Fiji waters and lies about 275 kilometres south-southwest of the Tongan capital of Nuku‘alofa.

The Fiji Met Service said the cyclone remained a catergory three storm packing winds of 130 kilometres per hour.

At its peak, average wind gusts from Keni were up to 195km/h.

The Fijian island of , with homes destroyed, trees uprooted and boats capsized on the island‘s south side.

NDMO director Anare Leweniqila said the cyclone also caused flooding in the Western Division of Viti Levu but it was more severely felt on Kadavu where it was closest.

Mr Leweniqila said at the height of storm over 6000 people sheltered in 115 evacuation centres around the country.

He said businesses and some schools had reopend on Viti Levu and buses were running in an effort to return to normalcy.

Photo: Twitter/ Hanna Butler

But Mr Leweniqila said information about damage caused on Kadavu was scarce.

“With darkness approaching quickly we just had a few glimpses of pictures that were sent in by people on the island. We will be in a better position today when the weather improves to look at the situation and probably put some aerial reconnaissance to check on the current situation there.”

Keni was forecast to weaken drastically as it continued to move southeast into cooler waters.

The Met Service said within the next 18 hours the system could cease to be a cyclone.

The Fiji government said, yesterday, all schools being used as evacuation centres would remain closed today as well as all schools on Kadavu.