He maps every taco he eats in Fort Worth. Check out what he‘s tried so far

When 29-year-old David Millar moved down to Fort Worth from Michigan four years ago, he was looking for creative ways to explore the Metroplex.

He and his friends joked that they wanted to try every taco in Fort Worth.

But as a web developer, Millar saw an opportunity to combine his talents and his new-found interest in taco-hopping. In the spring of 2016, he with reviews of nearly every taco he‘s eaten since he started the project.

To keep track, he‘s all of the taco-serving restaurants on his radar. He‘s color-coded them by restaurants where he‘s tried all of their taco options, where he‘s tried some of them, and where he hasn‘t tried any. Yet.


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Millar said he‘s tried 297 tacos since starting this project. His favorites so far are the tacos al pastor from on East Rosedale Street.

One of the things he likes most is learning about other peoples‘ taste and preferences.

“It‘s always interested to hear what other people recommend,” Millar said. “Different people from different parts of town have their own preferences. It‘s cool to hear whether folks like the traditional Mexican style or the Tex-Mex style or the fusion-type of tacos.”

TCU professor Sean Crotty also set out to try and His list includes local, independent taco restaurants.