Sounds Air flight forced to miss landing in Wellington

A Sounds Air flight was forced to make a missed approach this morning in Wellington after a minor electrical indication fault.

The weather in Wellington made for a nerve-wracking landing. Photo: RNZ / Katie Scotcher

The flight from Westport aborted its first attempt in Wellington just after 7am.

The single engine plane, which carries only nine people, was successful on second attempt.

A passenger told RNZ the plane went in for the first landing and was near the runway but didn‘t hit the ground. The pilot pulled up and told passengers that the plane was showing a fault with the landing gear and she wanted to be sure everything was OK.

The passenger said the second descent through the rough weather was “a bit hairy” but that everybody remained calm and the pilot did “an amazing job.”

“She was fantastic”, he said.

“We never felt in danger, she was calm and in control.”

Sounds Air managing director Andrew Crawford said the weather is “a bit challenging” today.