‘Six out of 10‘ drunk man jailed for headbutting former Aus PM

The DJ who headbutted former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott on the Hobart waterfront last year will spend at least two months in prison.

Tony Abbott Photo: AAP

Astro Labe, 38, was sentenced to six months in prison, to be eligible for release after two months, upon which he will be required to pay $2000 and commit no offence for two years.

He is subject to a 12-month probation upon release and will be required to undergo drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Magistrate Michael Daly said Labe‘s attack on Mr Abbott in September was opportunistic and unprovoked.

Labe pleaded guilty in January to causing harm to a public official after the 21 September, 2017, incident.

The federal charge was not heard in the Supreme Court, where Labe could have faced up to 10 years‘ jail, but in the Magistrates Court, where the maximum penalty is two years‘ jail and a $25,000 fine.

Previously, the court heard Labe approached Mr Abbott after drinking with friends.

He followed Mr Abbott for about 250 metres before asking to shake his hand.

When Mr Abbott extended his hand, Labe grabbed it and headbutted him, causing minor swelling to Mr Abbott‘s lip.

Labe was heard to say, “You f***ing deserved it” as he walked off.

Mr Abbott suffered a slightly swollen bottom lip from the knock.

The court heard Labe told police he was “six out of 10” drunk at the time.