Simon Bridges: Govt has money to deal with Middlemore

The National Party leader says the government has the money to deal with issues like Middlemore Hospital.

Simon Bridges said what had happened at Middlemore was not good enough, but former health minister Jonathan Coleman did not know about the issues.

Watch Simon Bridges speak to Guyon Espiner on Morning Report:

“If we had known we would have dealt with it. This government should deal with it.”

Mr Bridges said he didn‘t consider the issue to be a failure of Mr Coleman‘s ministerial oversight.

“Difficult issues come along and you deal with it, there are strong surpluses,” he said.

“The government is looking for ways, in the lead up to a budget they‘re clearly worried about, to get into these issues.”

Mr Bridges said the government has the money to deal with the problem.

Mr Bridges said there is likely to be one more resignation from the National Party, but it is a list MP so it won‘t force a by-election.