PNG MP may be dismissed from office for misconduct

Papua New Guinea MP Belden Namah Photo: RNZ / Alex Smith

Papua New Guinea‘s MP for Vanimo-Green has been found guilty of misconduct by a leadership tribunal.

Belden Namah had stormed into the Supreme Court while it was in session with a group of soldiers and policemen in 2012, ordering the arrest of the Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.

Sir Salamo, who was forced to flee the room, had at the time been targetted by the O‘Neill / Namah government for alleged judicial misconduct.

It was during a protracted major political impasse in which two groups of MPs claimed to be government.

Mr Namah has since apologised to Sir Salamo for the incident, but in a Tribunal decision handed down this morning he was found guilty of 7 of 13 counts of misconduct.

The Tribunal has recommended the MP‘s dismissal from office.

According to the Post Courier, the lawyer representing Mr Namah, Greg Sheppard is studying the decision and will consider the options to stay the ruling of the tribunal whilst also seeking a judicial review in the Supreme Court.

He said there were very good grounds to seek a review of the tribunals decision to impose the maximum penalty of dismissal from office for Belden Namah.