Woman Snaps Pic of Snake Sleeping Next to Baby in Beaumont

Disaster was narrowly avoided in Beaumont, Canada last weekend. In what may have been one craziest incidents in recent memory, a local two year old was seen napping right next to a giant snake. The precious little toddler was just taking an afternoon snooze when his mother saw the unthinkable. The local Beaumont hospital office administrator and mother of three said she couldn’t believe what she had seen. At around 2pm, she went to check on little Elvin. Elvin was peacefully sleeping, and he was no doubt dreaming of stuffed animals and milk. The mom saw what she described as a serpentile creature from the depths of hell.

The snake appeared to be perched and paying close attention to the baby’s every move. Fearing for her child’s life, the mother quickly snapped a photo before tossing the closest thing she could find towards the reptile. With the delicate touch of an olympic archer, the mother grabbed a nearby blanky and gently covered the snake which was roughly six inches from the child, according to Shandra Richardson, the mother.

“It was hands down the scariest thing I’ve ever witnessed. I’m glad to have been able to snap a picture, otherwise I don’t think anyone would have believed it”. Richardson believes the snake must have found it’s way into the house via a broken light fixture in the child’s closet. The photo taken by Richardson she claims has been shared over one thousand times on social media.

Once the snake was covered, the mother swiftly moved to grab little Elvin. With Elvin secured and safe, the mother scrambled to phone the Beaumont, Canada animal authorities. An hour later, the snake was captured and the ordeal had come to an end.