Solomons‘ airfield now ready to take flights

A provincial airfield in Solomon Islands has been cleared to take flights, seven years after it was closed because of land disputes.

A view of Malaita province, Solomon Islands Photo: Supplied/Edgar Pollard – Patrick Pikacha – Felix Naitoro

Work to rehabilitate the Parasi airfield in South Malaita was completed last month and a successful test flight was conducted over the weekend.

Work to reopen the airfield began after the successfull brokering and signing of an agreement with landowners, according to a statement from the government.

It credited the progress to an airport taskforce led by the ministry of communication and aviation which worked behind the scenes to get all parties to reach a consensus.

The construction of a terminal building is the next step for the airport to prepare it for commercial flights expected to start by the middle of the year.

The government said Parasi landowners had set a good example and it is calling on those involved in disputes that have closed two other airfields in the country at Manaoba and Lom lom to follow suit.