Listen to DeMarcus Ware and go this direction in the draft

DeMarcus Ware looks like he can still rush the passer, so kudos to DWare for executing a solid April Fool‘s Day joke.

If you follow DWare on Twitter, you saw that he filmed himself working out and he wrote, “May be making my comeback. I still have some plays left in the tank? Anyone in need for a pash rusher? “

A few hours later, Ware was attending an event with Jerry Jones. Jerry suggested Ware take the joke a step further and video himself walking down the steps from his personal plane.

Ware wrote the caption: “You guys thought I was playing. Dreams do come true?”

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For the record, Ware made it clear at the event at Arlington Lamar High School on Tuesday, “I‘m not coming back.”


“I do have a few left in me,” he said.

We‘ll never know.

The state of the Cowboys‘ linebacking unit is such that bringing back the 35-year-old Ware can‘t be considered a terrible idea.

We are less than one month away from the NFL Draft, and once again the Cowboys have more needs than draft picks. Unless the Cowboys can acquire 34 draft picks, not everything can be addressed in the seven-round selection process.

As hard as the Cowboys will look at receiver, safety, tight end, tackle, corner and General Manager, I‘m with DWare on this one — a linebacker in the first round fits.

“I think they are OK [at that position], but as a fellow linebacker you can never have too many linebackers,” Ware said. “Especially in the 4-3 defense with [defensive coordinator Rod] Marinelli. You have to come down hill and stop the run and drop in coverage, and be very athletic. And you have to be out there the whole time.

“If it‘s 90 plays, he wants you to play 90 plays. You have to have depth. They have the depth, but you want to go into the draft, and there is a linebacker at the time, why don‘t you pick him up?”

Indeed — why don‘t you?

When Ware speaks of the Cowboys these days, factor in the element that he works for the team. He‘s not going to rip these guys. He‘s trying to be honest without being critical.

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The team wisely let and walk in free agency, which leaves …

Sean Lee is 31 and, while they all love him because he‘s so good, no one can expect him to play 16 games. Because he never has. He‘s good, and he‘s officially old. Old guys tend to get old, especially in December.

The team also lists Damien Wilson, Joe Thomas, Tre‘von Johnson and Justin March-Lillard as linebackers. Not exactly Doomsday-ish.

“They all have the athleticism in the world and everything in place to go out and win games,” Ware said. “It‘s how consistent they can be throughout the season.”

That is what separates the good NFL player — can he do it all the time?

Which leaves us with Jaylon Smith. No player on this entire roster is more optimistic about life than this young man.

Having missed all of 2016 recovering from the torn anterior cruciate ligament he suffered in his final game at Notre Dame, last season was essentially his rookie year. He played all 16 games, and contributed maybe three to five significant plays. He was Anthony Hitchens, with far more potential.

“It‘s so crazy — he doesn‘t have to be fully healthy to perform. If he wasn‘t in tip-top shape last year it was good enough,” Ware said. “Him being more experienced, more mature, and bringing the smarts to the game, it‘s going to make him a better player. “

Sounds great, but no one knows if Smith‘s knee will ever return to the state it was before the injury. Before the injury, Smith was regarded as a top-five talent in the ‘16 draft.

And if you look at him, you can see it. The talent. The size. The speed. The freakish athleticism.

Last season, Smith should never have been asked to do so much, but he did. If his knee allows him to be the player he was, the Cowboys have a serious player in the middle.

But they have no way of knowing right now, and as a result their linebacking corps consists of randoms, one old guy, and a young guy with an uncertain ceiling.

The Cowboys again have plenty of holes to fill, and when they select at 19 a linebacker is a wise choice.

Because, jokes aside, D-Ware wants you to know he‘s not coming back.


The Dallas Cowboys have the 19th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft on April 26-28. These are the 15 guys most likely to end up in Dallas, according to draft experts. Lena Blietzlblietz-telegram