Cluster of quakes rumble West Coast

A cluster of three shallow earthquakes have been felt by hundreds of people on the West Coast of the South Island this afternoon.

Recording earthquake information Photo: 123rf

The first magnitude 3.8 shake hit at 1.02pm and was centred 65km north-west of Methven at a depth of 15km. While GeoNet classified it as ‘unnoticeable‘, 192 people recorded feeling it on GeoNet‘s website.

The second quake – recorded as magnitude 4.5 by GeoNet – hit three minutes later and was located 60km south of Hokitika at a depth of 5km.

A third earthquake at 1.12pm was the largest of the shakes, registering as magnitude 4.8. It was centred in the same location as the second shake, at a depth of 4km.

The second two quakes were classified as ‘weak‘ by GeoNet, but were felt by hundreds of people.